here's what some of my mentors and students have to say about working with me.
(PS - i love them. a lot.)


 I've had the privilege of working with Amanda as a coach and mentor over the past year, and she is dedicated to her work as a yoga teacher and community leader. She pours her heart and soul into all she does, and has the courage to break down inner walls so she can keep growing in all areas of her life. She is responsible, accountable and shows up fully in all that she does. Young women are bombarded with so many stereotypes on what it is to possess strength and beauty, and Amanda has been willing to embrace her shadow side to truly own and embody her light and brilliance. She would be a gift to the young ladies she could impact through yoga and wellness."

- mia togo, yoga teacher & life coach

"I've always been intimidated by yoga

but Amanda makes class welcoming and approachable. Her classes are very challenging, and you really feel like you've gotten a good workout/sweat. she also plays great music!"

molly breene

"Amanda is a livewire.

She's an excellent ambassador for the benefits of yoga and meditation as the apply to the ascending generation. She's relatable and fun, without watering down the essence of the practice."

- Dan Ward, yoga & Meditation teacher

"Her class is challenging, energetic, and fun.

She provides great instruction, especially for beginners such as myself. I always get a fantastic workout and i'm on a high for the rest of the day. I can't recommend her enough. Do yourself a favor and go to her class!"

- danny yaddison