hi, i'm amanda! i've developed 360° mental wellness programs that have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase overall happiness, productivity, and self-love.


after spending 7 years in the startup world, i have an acute understanding of work-related anxiety and the effect it has on productivity, decision-making skills, and interpersonal relationships. my corporate packages include meditation sessions, 1:1 or group consulting sessions on stress management, and more.




i offer 1:1 coaching for those looking to increase their capacity for self-love and work through deep-rooted anxieties. This program is designed create significant change in students' happiness levels. Just like working out and building muscle, moving out the noise in our own heads takes dedication, practice, and resolve.




i regularly host workshops (both live and digital) that arm attendees with new tools to store in their emotional toolkit, so that they can show up in the world better!  previously, i've given talks on eating disorders, tools to use to reduce anxiety, the importance of self-study (and how do to it), and more. 


so...what's your deal, amanda?


for years, i was wildly unhappy with my life: despite everything looking good from the outside, i was crumbling beneath the weight of severe anxiety, body dysmorphia, and a complete disconnection between my mind, body, and actions.

i was addicted to the idea of perfection, overworked myself to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, and indefinitely put my health in the back seat. i was constantly running on zero, and hated myself for it.

i finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and shifted my focus towards yoga, meditation, and self-study. the skills i learned have been invaluable in my journey towards true happiness, and it's my job to share what i've learned with as many people as possible: i'm a firm believer that we all deserve to be the best damn versions of ourselves possible.

today, my core mission is to shatter the notion of “perfection”, and use the tools i've developed to help others to see the real, raw, authentic potential within…with more ease, less anxiety, and a lot bit more fun along the way.



here's what a few clients have had to say...


"It really outdid my expectations and I am amazed that  those awful feelings of tension and worry have flown away. The tools you presented were extremely effective... I will continue to refer to these techniques." 

- Kasey Smith, after taking the Anti Anxiety Online Workshop


" I just finished [...] and oh my fucking shit something was realized during those exercises that got to me emotionally.  Thank you again and I appreciate you recommendations for more information. Love what you stand for and do, because you live authentically."

- Jacinda Demetrios, after taking the Anti Anxiety Online Workshop


" Wow! Thank you so much for everything, your extreme generosity and your helpful tips. I was a lot of shit to work through.   I can’t thank you enough for everything."

- Jena Hodnett, after taking the Anti Anxiety Online Workshop



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