let's find your inner badass.

i've struggled for years with some of the darker stuff: body image issues, perfectionist ideals, anxiety, goal-setting, and fear of the future. through daily work & coaching, i've been able to learn how to love myself as a while - the light and the dark - and move towards a future I feel confident about.

 i want to help you do the same.

entering 1:1 life coaching takes work.

happiness and healing go hand-in-hand, and that requires looking at all parts of the equation: the good and the not-so-good. we’ll tap into the parts of your  life that you may have deemed "less-than", we’ll figure out why, and we’ll begin to work through it.


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how do i know if coaching is right for me?

first off, congrats. you're strong enough to recognize that there are parts of you that deserve more love, guidance, or direction. are you working through any of the following?

  • Understanding self-worth
  • Dealing with body image issues
  • Struggling to be "perfect"
  • Negative self-talk
  • Owning & moving past previous pain
  • Identifying realistic, measurable goals
  • Anxiety & stress management
  • Mindfulness & holistic self-care

so...how does it work?

it's less scary than you think, i promise. 

first, we'll have an honest conversation about what's going on in your life: the things you love, the things you hate, and the things you're confused about. i want to hear your story.

together, we'll identify areas to address and work through daily tactics that will help you get to a whole, emotionally honest place.

1:1 sessions are customized based on our conversations, but typically they're half discussion, half written work. i'll teach you tools and skills to keep open you up emotionally and approach your inner and outer worlds honestly.

if you'd like to focus on goal-setting, we'll also work together to create a plan of action (POA) that you can feel great about.

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  • Honest, ugly, difficult conversations
  • Tools for processing difficult emotions 
  • Emotional space-clearing
  • Writing exercises
  • Goal-setting & POAs

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