One of the most profound things I ever heard was the statement, "You can meditate day in and day out, but if you don't fix the sh*t you're meditating over, you're just sitting in dirty water."

Enter: online workshops. Every workshop I've created is designed off of tried-and-true methods of healing: some that I've been taught, some that I've edited, and some that I've made up on my own in my own healing processes. They are designed with love, to make you think and help you heal.

I can't wait for you to see for yourself.


"LET THAT SHIT GO" - Now available

The most successful workshop to date, LTSG is a one-hour interactive video course that leads students through a series of guided exercises, mediations, and discussions centered around releasing any existing ties to negative relationships, situations, and the like.

Cost: $40 USD




Think about this as your emotional emergency kit! This online course contains all of my top tips, daily practices, and actionable recommendations for anxiety management. I've used every. single. one. of these tools in my own life, and am so excited to share them on a broader scale with all of you.

Pre-sale Cost: $50 USD