bridge pose

If you’re squeezing your butt in bridge pose, you’re doing it wrong.

Okay guys. Bridge pose.

I’ve heard a lot of teachers say “squeeze your butt a LOT” as you press up. That’s cool, but I don’t necessarily agree with the phrasing — it takes the focus away from strengthening other parts of the body…and if you just think about squeezing/going UP, you’re priming yourself for low back/tailbone pain later.

Instead of thinking about squeezing the butt, do this.

  • Drive deep into your heels.
  • Draw the tailbone towards the heels so that belly can hug the spine.
  • FIRM THE QUADS. Roll the inner thighs down, and use THAT strength to lift your hips higher. Tailbone reaches towards the knees.

    Yeah, sure, the butt may squeeze a little, but think more low glutes (if anything) and make the effort to avoid crunching your low back. Chest broad, deep breaths…you know the drill from there.

If you want a visual, check it out: